Publication Support

We mentor you throughout the research publication process, providing you with information ranging from what you need to consider when writing and publishing an article, to how to identify the journals in which to publish, open-access publishing and key aspects with regard to intellectual property and copyright.

This dossier provides resources and tools to prevent and detect plagiarism.

Before starting, bear in mind...

When you publish, we recommend you bear the following questions in mind:

  • What is open access? What are its benefits?
  • What are the key aspects of writing an article?
  • How should scientific articles at the UOC be signed?
  • Why is it important to create the ORCID ID author identifier?
  • What is intellectual property? What is copyright?
What is open access? Which are its benefits? The open access publishing strategies, its legal framework, and much more.
Before starting to write, you need to know some formal aspects that will help increase the article's visibility.
pen and notebook
UOC recommendations regarding signing any scientific publication by a member of the UOC community.
Find out what author IDs are and how to create them and keep them up-to-date.

Editorial policies and copyright

Discover the editorial polices of the journals in which you want to publish, about copyright assignment contracts and how they affect the dissemination of your research.

Editorial policies and copyright

Find out what you need to bear in mind when publishing your research according to current editorial policies.
Find out your options for opening up access to your publications.

How does the publishing process work?

Find out about publishing guidelines and everything that happens when you send articles or papers to scientific journals. Decide where to publish your research (whether
in publications or primary research data) according to quality and visibility criteria and indicators.

Preparing your article for publication

What do you need to bear in mind before submitting an article to a journal?

Becoming familiar with the peer review process

How does it work? Who takes part? Learn how this phase of the publishing process works.
Learn how to organize, describe, protect, publish, archive and reuse research data.
Find the journal, assess its quality, find out its impact indicator, get to know the open access publishing option and learn about copyright.
Scientific journals
International and national bibliometric indicators to evaluate scientific journals.
Book assessment
Assessment of books and book chapters quality.

How can we help you? Check our services

Consult the various services that the Library offers for publishing scientific output.

We help you decide where to publish, collate bibliometric data and with research accreditation calls.
We provide support to researchers when publishing their research in open access.
We handle standardization of authors’ names in the different databases.
Information service covering editorial policies and licences.
Plagiarism detection service for published or unpublished research documents.

Recommended resources

Take a look at the Library’s recommendations regarding other aspects to be considered when publishing your research.

REBIUN (2011). Tutorial: Controla tus derechos, facilita el acceso abierto
This tutorial awares researchers of the importance of properly managing the copyrights to their work.