How can I measure the impact?

Academic indicators and social media metrics can help assess how well scientific publications are being disseminated.

It is advisable to think about the best type of measurement for your objective, and for each social media platform or dissemination channel.

Academic indicators

Citations and the author’s h-index are academic indicators that let you monitor the impact of your publications.

Avatar google scholar citations profile
Create a Google Scholar profile to monitor citations from your publications.
Search tool to retrieve cited references in scientific articles indexed on Scopus.
Publish or Perish
Free software that retrieves citations from different data sources and calculates the most common indicators.

Social indicators

Keep track of the main social indicators: followers, mentions, profile queries, downloads, etc. This will help you rate the effectiveness of the actions performed on the social media. 

metrics of the 2.0 uses and styles guide
This observes, measures and rates the results obtained on a continuous basis.
logo Almetrics
This allows you to monitor the social media impact of any research item published with a DOI.
Image metrics social networks
A post that explains how the social media's six main metrics work.
logo metrics toolkit
An online resource that will help you find the best metric for your impact question.