How can you access content on eLibro?

There are various ways to read the works:

  • Read the book online

    You can read the books online using the platform's own viewer from any browser.

  • Reading a book offline

    You need to complete the free registration process and create a personal account. Click on the download option (Descargar) for the book you want to read and then follow the instructions given. You need to download a free application to open the .ipef file. The app works on Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS X, and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

    There are two download options:

    • Download the whole book for a limited period (between 7 and 14 days). At the end of this period, you can download the file again.
    • Download or copy a certain number of pages. If you choose this option, you can save the pages as a PDF file or copy part of the book and paste it into a text editor or word processor. In either case, you can save up to 60 pages a day, 180 pages a week and 220 pages a month, in accordance with the copyright in force.



Other features

Once you've signed in to eLibro, you'll find lots of other features, including tools for individual work (underlining, annotating, saving searches, etc.) and teamwork (sharing folders, links, etc.).

One of the most interesting tools is the personal shelf (Estante personal) which lets you:

  • Save links to the books you're interested in.
  • Create folders to organize your reading.
  • See the notes and bookmarks you've added to a book.

Some of the books in the database also have a tool to listen to a recording in three different languages (Escuchar audio).

If you have any questions or need more information about eLibro, get in touch with us via the Library Replies. Training sessions will be organized soon on how to use and make the most of the contents available on the platform.

What can you find?

The database has over 100,000 ebooks in a dozen different categories.

Here's a list of ten works you can find on eLibro to give you an idea of what's available. These are the works that were most frequently consulted by members of the UOC community during the trial period offered in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Psicología del deporte

    Subject area: Psychology

    A complete overview of the discipline, covering the theory, concepts and key findings regarding participation, performance and team spirit. It includes a glossary of terms.


  • Modelos y teorías de la historia del arte

    Subject area: Arts and Humanities

    Juan Plazaola, an expert in researching art and aesthetics, offers a range of different points of view and approaches to looking at works of art throughout history.


  • Blockchain

    ​Subject area: Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications

    This ebook looks at the technological and cryptographic components of blockchain, the limitations regarding identity and privacy, and its role in the development of the Web 3.0.


  • Logística integral: la gestión operativa de la empresa

    ​Subject area: Economics and Business

    This manual offers a didactic and systematic look at the different methods and procedures for controlling material flow and improving the efficiency of companies' logistics management.



  • Marketing en las redes sociales

    Subject area: Economics and Business, and Information and Communication Sciences

    Larry Weber, an expert in social media, discusses the tools and social media currently available and explains how to use them in marketing to get the best results and greatest growth.


  • Psicología del trabajo

    Subject area: Economics and Business, and Psychology and Education Sciences

    The book aims to look at people's behaviour within an organization and how this affects the organization's productivity.


  • Principios del diseño en color

    Subject area: Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications; Information and Communication Sciences, and Arts and Humanities

    The book provides a thorough introduction to the study of colour; it has two sections on the concepts and basic methods for producing digital colours.


  • Ética de la empresa

    ​Subject area: Economics and Business

    A book introducing readers to ethics in today's world of business. The author argues that ethics, business and life come together in professionals' day-to-day activities.