About the website

The Library’s website has been developed with the following aims:

  • To act as a key tool for consultation and reference for UOC students and anyone linked to the University.
  • To become an efficient channel for communication to publicize the services and resources on offer. We have made efforts to organize the information logically, linking content and offering access from different points of entry.
  • To strengthen new user links and loyalty and provide a showcase for the services and contents offered by the Library, providing better explanations and increased visibility.
  • To highlight the quality and transparency policy applied to the Library’s services and processes.
  • To provide a user-friendly service thanks to its informal and attractive design, and by identifying the people responsible for the different services and contents on offer.
  • To offer users a simple and easy to use and understand tool that lets them quickly work out where they need to go to find what they’re looking for. We have worked hard to organize and present the contents in a logical way for the different types of user.
  • To include a training section that allows users to act and use the website independently

To let us know your opinions or proposals for improvements and to help us make the Library’s website better, write to The Library Replies.