Sebastiano Giorgi-Scalari

Sebastiano Giorgi-Scalari
Library for Research
Working areas: 
Open access, O2 repository, g-analytics, Bibliometrics, Altmetrics, Metadata, Web semantics, Data display

How can Sebastiano help you?

If you wish to consult a scientific article or a final project, you can look for it in the UOC's O2. Sebastiano's work consists of assuring the quality of the data contained in this portal, namely, the UOC community's open-access publications.

In addition, Sebastiano is taking part in a project to create pilot software that will evaluate the societal impact of research and take into account alternative metrics, such as mentions on social media. At the same time, he is applying his knowledge of data display to a number of projects.

As part of the UOC Library research support team, he provides support to teaching and research staff in searches for bibliometric data (impact index, citations, etc) so that they can take part in accreditation processes.

Education and professional career

He brings a rich academic and professional curriculum: He holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science (University of Pavia), a master's degree in E-contents & Business Communications (International University of Language and Media, Milan) and has considerable experience in the pharmaceutical-manufacturing sector. However, upon coming to Spain, he decided to work in education.

He worked as a teaching innovation specialist in the University of Barcelona's Faculty of Pharmacy and decided to study for his master's degree in Digital Content Management, also at the University of Barcelona.

Later on, he took part in the internationalization programme of a University of Barcelona library science journal and then joined the CRAI (Learning and Research Resources Centre) at the same university to carry out tasks related with its institutional repository maintenance and development.

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Personal interests

Development cooperation, 3D printing, swimming.